Enrichment Program Enrolment

There have been some exciting changes to our Enrichment Program for Year 7 2019.

To find out more about our:

 - Academic Enrichment Class

 - Creativity Enrichment Class and

 - Talented Athlete Program

please follow this link for the Enrichment Application Form (pdf 59 KB).


Please note: Enrichment applications are due on 6 April 2018. We will be unable to accept applications after this date.

In previous years there have been two rounds of applications. Due to demand for the program, we are only able to offer one round from this year.


Please submit all applications and portfolios for the Year 7 2019 program by

6 April 2018


We are no longer accepting applications for Year 7 2019. Information will be updated later in the year for Year 7 2020.


Enrichment - Frequently Asked Questions


Do we have to pick one of the three (academic, creative or TAP) programs or can you go for 2 or 3 options?  

Students can apply for all three of the Enrichment classes:

  • Academic Enrichment applies to placement into a class for English, Maths, Science, History and Geography classes
  • Creativity Enrichment applies to placement into a class for Visual Arts, Music, Technology, Drama (Year 8 only)
  • The Talented Athlete Program runs outside of school hours.


My child can't attend the test. Will there be another date available for testing?

This will be decided on a case by case basis. Please email the reason for missing the test prior to the testing date to the school's email: balmain-h.school@det.nsw.edu.au


What is the relationship between Selective and Enrichment?

  • Students may do some common assessment tasks
  • Teachers will use similar teaching strategies

Please note: if a student moves from selective to comprehensive, they will not be automatically placed in an enrichment class.


Why have you introduced a test (academic enrichment) and interview/trial/audition?

Making the application process more rigorous ensures that students aren't misplaced into classes providing more chance of them being successful in whichever class they are placed.

The test and interview provide us with additional sources of information to enable better comparisons between applicants.

Placement will consider the portfolio, interview and for the academic enrichment class, the testing.


What will be provided for the new Creativity class?

  • We will promote and support connections to the DoE Arts Unit and the extra opportunities available through the Unit.
  • Specialised programs with industry experts.


Is the Talented Athlete Program available to student in Selective Stream?

Yes – it is run outside of school hours.


Is the Creativity Enrichment Stream available to students in the Selective Stream?

No, it is only available to students in the Comprehensive Stream.


What happens once my child is in an enrichment class, but is not performing to the standard expected?

You will be informed in writing on two occasions prior to your child being moved from the enrichment class. In writing notification may be a letter home or on the student's Academic Report. If you receive notification, we would suggest that you make an appointment to discuss this with the head teacher, year adviser or deputy principal.


We will continue to update this page leading up to the due date for applications.